A Proudly Canadian company. Concreation Canada Inc works closely with Engineers and Architects to achieve the perfect colour combination for any architectural concrete installation.

Concreation Canada Inc is a Time Tested and Proven supplier of Concrete Colouring products for use in the Architectural Concrete Design industry since 1999.

At Concreation Canada Inc our customers come first whether you are a home owner trying to rejuvenate an existing walkway or contractor looking for a consistent finish to your concrete installations

Concreation Canada has met and exceeded the MTO requirements to allow usage of Concreation materials on streetscaping projects throughout Canada. In turn this has aided contractors in being able to specify impressed or coloured concrete finishes in their local areas. Our support for our local contractors architects and engineers make projects successful from the specification stage to final sealing.

Use Concreation Products to ensure a Quality Project every timeā€¦.