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Planning Your First Hardscape? Prioritize Harmony and Blending

I would like to thank Doug Carlton of Carlton Construction in Wyoming for putting this article together. Have a read, print it out, use it to help your design. It has a lot of very useful information about designing your Hard Scape projects. A pleasing hardscape is no accident. It is the culmination of preplanning and design that works harmoniously with a surrounding structure. A hardscape should never stand out, nor should it be so insignificant that it can easily be ignored. Nailing this balance project after project takes great effort, but the reward is far more than monetary. Concrete hardscapes last decades, and so do the reputation of the concrete artisans who successfully pave their way into decorative history. Over the next few paragraphs this article will describe why some decorative concrete hardscape projects look appealing and why some don’t. The lesson of past mistakes, both mine and others’, can enhance your opportunity to transform shades of color into eye-catching spaces of hardscape elegance. If you plan to make a living by way of decorative concrete, you will eventually have to completely grasp a hardscape’s blend of natural color and design. Please don’t underestimate this concept, because a failure to grasp the need for pleasing combinations will often lead to an unnatural blend of hardscape and structure, which will result in a less-than-appealing outcome. If you remember only one point please let it be this: The structure or building always dictates color hue and design, but only after functionality. This also means that the hardscape should not be a shrine to your flamboyant artistic concrete ability. The design Rarely will a project’s decision maker produce a complete set of working plans that include color, texture, pattern or finish. This is far too often left to the hardscape artist — you — who in return must muddle through many design options before unloading the first tool onsite. Seasoned decorative concrete professionals often refer to this period as “front-end work.” This part of the hardscape design process could take one afternoon or it could take months, depending on the complexity of the project or decision maker. It is never recommended...

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Different uses for CCI-400 Bond Coat & Broom Finish

CCI-400 Bond Coat & Broom Finish is a very versatile product. We have noticed that our customers are using this to create and repair a number of different Concrete and Masonry applications. In this post we will look at some the different ways CCI-400 Bond Coat & Broom Finish can help create the perfect finish for job or application. We look forward to your comments on these examples. If you have any ideas you would like to share please send us a message and we will post it for you. USING CCI-400 BOND COAT & BROOM FINISH AS A FINISH In the pictures above you can see how CCI-400 Bond Coat & Broom Finish can be applied to an existing damaged concrete surface to create a clean long lasting finish. Specially formulated polymers in the mixture creates a strong bond between the existing and the new surface without the need for any additional adhesives or additives. Just add water to the dry powder and apply. As long as the surface is clean of any dirt, grease or oils and stable CCI-400 Bond Coat & Broom Finish will adhere. Using CCI-750 Cleaner will help to neutralize any acid built up on the existing surface prior to starting your job. USING CCI-400 BOND COAT & BROOM FINISH AS MORTAR, THIN SET, OR ADHESIVE Weather you are repairing an stone overlay installation or creating a new look on an existing cement staircase. CCI-400 Bond Coat & Broom Finish is the perfect ADHESIVE for the job. Once again there is no need for any additional admixtures to the product. Once you have a clean and stable surface CCI-400 Bond Coat & Broom Finish will create a solid bond between your existing Concrete surface and your new stonework. USING CCI-400 BOND COAT & BROOM FINISH AS A BONDING LAYER . The BEST use of CCI-400 Bond Coat & Broom Finish is as a Bonding Layer to adhere a new surface to an old, worn, and damaged concrete installation. Weather it is a Warehouse, Store, or Basement. Use CCI-400 Bond Coat & Broom Finish to fill in any Cracks in the existing floor and then...

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Notice to Visitors during COVID-19 Pandemic

At Concreation we are taking the COVID-19 Pandemic very seriously. We have implemented procedures to keep our staff, visitors, vendors and logistics personnel as safe as possible by using alternating shifts for staff with later start hours and no contact shipping and receiving. This will be in place until the pandemic settles down in Ontario. We will be operating from 9:30-2:30pm most days (but this can change daily) - please call ahead to ensure we are open and stock is available. We hope you all stay safe and healthy during this time with special attention to elderly and high risk people.