CCI-200 Integracon Integral Colour



CCI-200 Integracon is Concreation’s integral admixture colouring system formulated from high quality iron-oxide pigments which resist fading from UV-rays and provide consistent colouring throughout pours. When following a few prescribed guidelines  CCI-200 Integracon ensures uniformity truckload to truckload. Operators and batch plants report that CCI-200 Integracon’s innovative delivery system is simple and clean to load.



CCI-250  Standard Integral Colour system is  is Concreation’s more versatile line where all budgets are considered.  While still providing high quality iron-oxide pigments resistant to UV fading, the packaging has been standardized in 14lb/6.35kg bags.  The intensity of the colour can be adjusted simply by selecting a different dosage rate to mix into each cubic metre of concrete.  This line contains 6 basic formulations which create rich, warm earth tones perfect for architectural or plain concrete and great to use on exposed aggregate applications.  See colour chart and TDS for more details.



CCI-200 Colour Pack

CCI-210 Colour Pack is a pre-measured dry mix of specialized iron oxide pigments in a proprietary blend used to colour cementitious construction material such as mortar mix or concrete overlay products. Colours similar to the CCI-100 Colour Chart can be achieved when using CCI-400 Concreation Overlay Products with CCI-200 Colour Packs.  Just add the pre measured CCI-210 Colour Pack to any 50 lb quantity of cementitious material.

Sold in 1 Lb/ .45 Kg containers for clean use.

Custom quantities are available.