CCI-200 Integracon Integral Colour



CCI-200 Integracon is Concreation’s integral admixture colouring system formulated from high quality iron-oxide pigments which resist fading from UV-rays and provide consistent colouring throughout pours. When following a few prescribed guidelines  CCI-200 Integracon ensures uniformity truckload to truckload. Operators and batch plants report that CCI-200 Integracon’s innovative delivery system is simple and clean to load.



CCI-250  Standard Integral Colour system is  is Concreation’s more versatile line where all budgets are considered.  While still providing high quality iron-oxide pigments resistant to UV fading, the packaging has been standardized in 14lb/6.35kg bags and depending on your projects needs.  You can change the intensity of the colour simply by selecting a different dosage rate to mix into each cubic metre of concrete.



CCI-200 Colour Pack

CCI-210 Colour Pack is a pre-measured dry mix of specialized iron oxide pigments in a proprietary blend used to colour cementitious construction material. Colours similar to the CCI-100 Colour Chart can be achieved when using CCI-400 Concreation Overlay Products with CCI-200 Colour Packs.

Sold in 1 Lb/ .45 Kg containers for clean use.

Custom quantities are available.