Stay one step ahead of the competition by using CCI’s colour coordinating release agents. Release Agents are used to prevent stamping tools from sticking to the concrete surface so the consistent, professional look that contractors demand can be achieved.

Powder Release

CCI-300 Powder Release

  • Powder release adds colour variations and highlights to the textured surface, providing an attractive two-colour antiqued look that very closely resembles natural stone.
  • All twenty-five standard colours and custom colours are available as release agents.
  • CCI powder release is a dry blend of hydrophobic powders, proprietary ingredients and colouring pigments.

Liquid Release

CCI-300 Liquid Release

  • Concreation Liquid Release is a special formulation to be sprayed onto any surface ready to stamp/imprint prior where powdered antiquing release agent is not desired
  • Use Liquid Release for a more uniform solid colour tone
  • Using Liquid Release assists in providing visual reassurance that the surface has been completely stamped
  • Also great for spraying form-liners; preventing the cast concrete from sticking to the rubber liner, retaining the texture of the liner and leaving a perfectly cast piece
  • Can be used to add powdered release agent to previously stamped concrete to add extra hi-lighting