Recolour or resurface existing concrete with Concreation Canada Inc.’s line of overlay products.

***NEW*** Patch and Repair Kit

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  • An easy to use cementitious product with a unique polymer blend.
  • Easily bond to your existing concrete surfaces to fill cracks, crevices and chips.
  • Leaves a smooth strong finish.
  • Easy to apply – just add water!
  • Available in 22.68 Kilo (50 lb) Bags or 11.34 Kilo (25 lb) Pails.

***NEW*** Parging Mix

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  • A unique blend of Cementitious and Polymer products that will bind to your existing Masonry Surfaces as well as Wood surfaces.
  • Create a beautiful finish to your exterior or interior walls.
  • Add CCI-200 Colour Packs give character to your application or to match an existing installation.
  • Easy to apply – just add water!
  • Available in 22.68 Kilo (50 lb) Bags or 11.34 Kilo (25 lb) Pails.

Broom Finish

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  • Use to Overlay on existing surfaces and Broom or Trowel Finish
  • Available in Standard Grey and Standard White, it will provide a solid finished surface.
  • Add CCI-200 Colour Packs to incorporate colour to your project.
  • Packaged in 50lb/22.68kg bags.

Bond Coat

CCI-400-BondCoat-BroomFinish(Click on image to enlarge)

  • Can be used to bond overlays to existing sound concrete.
  • Multi use product for priming and resurfacing.
  • Available in Grey or White Cement Base Colour.

Overlay Stamp Mix

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  • Can by applied to virtually any existing sound concrete and then stamped with a variety of textures, patterns and designs.
  • Makes it possible to achieve the same beauty, elegance and natural appearance of traditional stamped concrete without the need for removal and replacement of an existing concrete surface.
  • Typically used on driveways, pool decks, patios, walkways, residential and commercial interior floors, restaurants or wherever an innovative alternative to conventional flooring methods is desired.
  • One of the most cost-effective alternatives to removing and re-pouring concrete.
  • Available in 25 standard or customs colours.

Self-Level Overlay & Polished Concrete System


  • Used to re-colour dull or faded concrete surfaces.
  • Will conform to any existing texture and can be brushed, rolled
    or sprayed on to virtually any preexisting concrete.
  • Behaves like cement and can be acid and chemical stained or dyed.
  • Use for the most difficult of repair situations.
  • Can provide a perfectly smooth polished surface to be used for counter top construction.