Concreation dyes and stain can enhance new and existing concrete by adding varied, translucent coloring effects to concrete surfaces.

WB Dye

  • Can be applied to create a solid colour or a mottled look.
  • Dries quickly, does not need rinsing and can be sealed the same day.
  • Penetrates the surface to create a permanent colour that cannot chip or peel.
  • Most commonly used on residential and commercial interior floors such as restaurants, casinos, retail stores, hotels, living rooms, kitchens and many other applications.
  • Can be used on concrete counter tops, vertical applications and to colour over stencils.
  • VOC compliant

Chemical Stain

  • Acid based stain used to colour interior/exterior concrete and masonry with a natural mottled look.
  • Becomes part of the concrete surface, wearing only as the concrete wears.
  • Can be used straight out of the container or diluted to achieve ligher or darker shades when applied in one or more coats.