Concreation Chemical Stains enhance new and existing concrete by adding a varied, translucent coloring effect to the surface. These coloring effects are a result of a unique formulation of blended chemicalic acidic salts.

Concreation Chemical Stains become a part of the concrete surface wearing only as the concrete wears. Because of the nature of chemical stains the coloring may vary throughout the job and the final results cannot be guaranteed. It is always recommended to do a small test area to determine the final color before starting the installation.

For floors in need of repairs or resurfacing, it is recommended to apply Concreation Bond Coat & Broom Finish followed by Concreation MicroTop before chemical staining. Concreation Chemical Stain can also be applied directly over Concreation Bond Coat & Broom Finish, Concreation Overlay Stamp Mix, Concreation Colour Hardeners and regular concrete.

Chemcial Stains are available in nine standard colors and are used to provide variegated and translucent coloring.

They can be used straight out of the container or diluted from 1 part up to 20 parts water to achieve lighter or darker shades of color and applied in one or more coats.