Concreation Liquid Release Agent is a special formulation used to spray over the Concreation Polymer Concrete 1/4″ Stamping applications and regular concrete, prior to stamping to prevent the patterned stamps or texture skins from sticking to the surface. It can also be mixed with Antique Release Powders in various colors to antique stamped concrete applications during the stamping process. When used for antiquing, the surface must be rinsed with water the next day to remove any loose antique powder residue prior to sealcoating.

Features and Benefits:

  • Concreation Liquid Release Agent is very clean to work with and can be used indoors or outdoors without leaving a mess.
  • When the liquid release agent is mixed with the powder release agents for antiquing, there is no loose powder to blow in the wind or sweep up the next day.
  • When the surface is rinsed prior to sealing, very little color rinses off so the rinse water remains practically clear.
  • Liquid release allows you to see the impression each stamp is making so any touch-ups can be made before it is too late.


  • The final colour of the concrete is affected by many factors. It may be a function of the basic concrete mix ingredients (fine aggregate, coarse aggregate, water and cement), the weather, finishing techniques, experience of the applicators, and coloring method used (colour hardener or acid stain)

Factors Affecting Final Colour:

  • Rapid moisture loss from within the concrete due to absorption from dry sub-grade or formwork.
  • Rapid moisture loss at the concrete surface caused by wind, elevated temperatures or sunlight.
  • Over working the concrete surface. Surface water should never be worked into the concrete. Always wait until bleed water has dried or evaporated before finishing concrete.
  • Poor workmanship: Workers should be experienced in finishing, texturing, colouring stamp placement and removal, and curing and sealing decorative concrete.
  • Troweling release powder into concrete.
  • Weather; follow ACI guidelines when pouring on cold or hot weather.

Direction for Use:

Once the Concreation 1/4″ Stamping Mix or regular concrete is cured to the point where it is ready to stamp, start by spraying a section of the surface [approx. 5 sq. ft. at a time] with the Concreation Liquid Release Agent where you wish to begin stamping. Spray the liquid release agent at a coverage rate of 250-300 sq. ft. per gallon to completely cover the surface in a thin, even coat using a pump-up sprayer.

After spraying a section of the surface spray the textured side of the stamps one time with the liquid release agent before laying them on the surface. Immediately place the first stamp over the liquid release agent and square with the starting edge or corner. Use the handles on the stamp to carefully set it in place. While standing on the first stamp lay the second stamp next to it and so on until all of the stamps are fit tightly together over the stamping material and liquid release agent.

Once the stamps are in place, use your feet and /or the stamp pounder to walk or pound on the stamps to leave the desired impression. If the stamping material is soft you may not need the pounder, simply walk on the stamps with your feet. Before moving a stamp stand on one end while lifting the other end halfway off the surface to check for any bald areas. If necessary lay the stamp back down and pound agent using your feet or the pounder where needed.

After achieving the desired impression, lift each stamp straight up off the surface and move to the next area. Continue spraying the liquid release agent ahead of the stamps a section at a time and moving stamps until the entire surface is completed.


It is highly recommended to develop and follow a routine maintenance schedule for all coloured concrete so that it will maintain a top quality appearance. Every 24 to 60 months, coloured concrete installations should be inspected, cleaned and resealed as required by volume and intensity of traffic. The need will depend on a number of factors including traffic conditions, geographical location and weather.


  • The Liquid Release is combustible and should be kept away from open flames.
  • Turn out all pilot lights when working indoors.
  • Wear the proper breathing mask and use with adequate ventilation.
  • For professional use only!

Shelf Life:

Indefinitely if protected from moisture.


CONCREATION POWDER RELEASE is warranted to be of uniform quality within manufacturing tolerances. Since control is not exercised over its use, no warranty, expressed or implied, is made as to the effects of such use. Seller and manufacturer’s obligation under this warranty shall be limited to refunding the purchase price of that portion of the material proven to be defective.

Made in CANADA

For professional use only

Consult Material Safety Data Sheet before use.