Concreation Canada Overlay Stamp Mix can be applied a ¼ inch thick over an existing concrete surface and then stamped in a variety of textures, patterns and designs, using custom made stamps available from Concreation Canada. 

Overlay Stamp Mix makes it possible to achieve the same beauty, elegance and natural appearance of traditional stamped concrete without the need for removal and replacement of an existing concrete surface. It can also be polished with the LithiCon 15 Densifier polishing system to create a super flat, high gloss floor.

Overlay Stamped Mix is typically used on driveways, pool decks, patios, walkways, residential interior floors, commercial interior floors, restaurants or wherever an innovative alternative to conventional flooring methods is desired. Overlay Stamp Mix is one of the most cost effective alternatives to removing and re-pouring new concrete.

Concreation Overlay Stamp Mix for Countertops

Overlay stamp mix is also perfect for countertop construction.

Due to recent advances in concrete additives, Concreation Overlay Stamp Mix can provide a perfectly smooth polished surface with a thickness of 3/4 inch.

Concreation Overlay Stamp Mix is available in the standard 24 or custom colours and can be mixed with custom aggregates for polished surfaces.

For all countertops and tables Concreation recommends Concreation LithiCon 15 as a sealer and densifier to add strength and bring out the polish.

Relatively lightweight and easy to transport, the finished product will provide years of vibrant colour and diamond hard resilience.