Concreation WB GreenSil WSR Sealer is a VOC vompliant water-based polysiloxane concrete sealer been specifically designed for use on coloured or regular concrete surfaces in a one part system 3-10 days after installation.

Concreation WB GreenSil WSR Sealer penetrates deeply into coloured concrete or regular concrete surfaces, providing a natural finish with maximum protection and resistance to freeze / thaw cycles, salt, de-icing chemicals, oil, water and dirt penetration.

Water will bead rather than penetrate when applied to surfaces treated with Concreation WB GreenSil WSR.

Hydrophobic silicones and silanes are well known to protect construction from humidity or water attacks. Concreation WB GreenSil WSR Sealer minimizes spalling and cracking to provide installations with a lasting enhanced visual appearance. Concreation WB GreenSil WSR Sealer will suppress the growth of microorganisms and dramatically improving the durability on all types of masonry. Concreation WB GreenSil WSR can be used directly on cementitous substrates and over acid stains.

Coverage: 74.3 m2 / pail (800 ft2 / 5 gal pail)