Concreation Cleaners are multi-purpose cleaners that can also aid in the installation of other products.

750 Cleaners

CCI-750-Cleaner(Click on image to enlarge)

  • Multi-purpose cleaner and neutralizer that can be used on virtually any surface.
  • Will lift almost any dirt, remove light stains and also neutralize surfaces that have been treated with acids.
  • Will not harm floor finishes or coatings and is perfect for regular maintenance programs.
  • Perfect for cleaning equipment, countertops, tile, steel, painted walls and more.
  • Has a light citrus fragrance.

CCI-750 Cleaner is a biodegradable multipurpose cleaner that is safe to use on a large variety of surfaces and finishes. The specially formulated SUDS will gently float soil and dirt from the surface leaving a clean surface with a light citrus fragrance. Perfect for your regular maintenance cleaning of equipment, countertops, any tile, metal products and painted walls.

CCI-700 All Purpose Stripper

CCI-700-AllPurposeStripper(Click on image to enlarge)

CCI-700 All Purpose Stripper is a multi-use product for the removal of coatings and adhesives wood, metal, concreate and glass surfaces. CCI-700 All Purpose Stripper’s special blend of VOC compliant ingredients are designed to GEL when sprayed onto a surface to quickly penetrate the paint, stain, varnish or seal for easy removal.


CCI-700-Zylene(Click on image to enlarge)

CCI-700 XYLENE is a sweet smelling solvent used to remove sealer from your masonry. In combination with CCI-750 Cleaner, CCI-700 Xylene prepares your surface for application of any of the CCI-1000 sealers.